We build revolutionary software
that changes how we interact with the environment.

Hundreds of thousands of scientists are outside every day collecting scientific data for regulatory reports using a fifty-year-old pen and paper process that hasn't changed since the industry began. We're digitizing this process and building the first historical and predictive database of this environmental data ever assembled. Rich, highly-specific, scientifically crowdsourced data about our natural resources: elements that both impact and are impacted by climate change.

Professional Scientists

First, we're creating a 40% efficiency increase for field scientists within the $500B global environmental regulatory industry.

Environmental Data

By warehousing the environmental data that passes through ecobot and building algorithms that expose location and time-trending patterns, we'll create the most highly-specific data resource of its kind.

Government Regulation

ecobot will pave the way for opportunities to create more efficient software for government regulatory agencies tasked with processing this environmental data.

Concerned Individuals

We'll create a free consumer app that incentivizes any person anywhere to contribute lay data and observations in a meaningful way.

It's complicated to properly
balance progress and conservation.

Concerned individuals, professional scientists, government agencies and environmental data help both enable progress and ensure the protection of the planet. Overly stringent laws are not the problem—in fact, our laws are in place to protect the very natural resources that we depend on. The problem is extremely inefficient paper-based processes and insufficient data.

Which is precisely what ecobot solves.

We're starting with
wetland delineation reporting.

Nearly half of the $500B global environmental consulting dollars are spent on water and wastewater-related efforts, which makes this a natural place for us to begin.

We've begun by working to increase the efficiency of the $500B environmental regulatory industry by 40%. In two years ecobot will be the conversation piece of environmental consultants and government regulatory agents everywhere. In five years ecobot will be a household name because people will be incentivized to connect with nature in a more meaningful way. In seven years ecobot will be a global movement.

Jeremy (CoFounder of ecobot) has worked in the environmental regulatory space for over 15 years. One day he said to himself while working through tedious amounts of paperwork and data entry, "Geewiz! A robot could do this part of my job!" The idea for ecobot was born. And there are hundreds of thousands of Jeremies around the globe, eager for ecobot to solve this problem.

I’m tired of inefficient busywork. I’m a scientist. I want to be in the field.

The ecobot Team

Experienced industry professionals with a proven track record.
Jeremy Schewe
Co-Founder, President & Chief Scientific Officer

Professional ecologist, botanist, and environmental consultant with 15 years management experience in the Americas, South Pacific, Middle East, and Europe. Owner of an environmental consultancy since 2005.

Lee Lance
Co-Founder, CEO

Communications and operations professional, 20 years of experience driving tech dev and strategy; serving regional, national and international clients. Owner of a digital agency/software development firm since 2006.

Brian Dote
Mobile Apps Lead

Experienced Silicon Valley engineer; multiple patent-holder. Leadership team member at Apple that developed core iOS patents. Experience as mobile tech lead on numerous tech startups. Owner of an app development firm since 2010.

Emmet McGovern
Server Apps Lead

Application and system architect with a focus on scalability. Has built many large-scale business web applications for large enterprises and Silicon Valley startups. Owner of a web/cloud apps development firm since 2003.

Our Advisors

Industry leaders guiding our most important decisions.
Craig Straub, PhD
Senior Ecologist
Applied Ecological Services
Product/Sales/Scientific Advisor
Josh Dunbar, PE
Director of Engineering and Environmental Services
The EI Group, Inc.
Product/Sales/Scientific Advisor.
Sarah Battaglia
Silicon Valley SaaS Business Operations, Inbound Sales and Customer Development Advisor
Chris Buehler
Elevate Mentor
Entrepreneur | Mentor
Technology and Operations Advisor
Edward Carroll
Elevate Mentor
Enterprise Account Manager
Enterprise Sales Advisor.
Mike Connors
Elevate Mentor
Customer Success Manager
RISC Networks
Customer Success Advisor