We build revolutionary software
that changes how we interact with the environment.

The pen and paper driven environmental regulatory industry hasn't changed much since its inception in the 1970s. Ecobot digitizes this industry, and the first version of the software provides a swifter way to input wetland delineation data, provides contextual vegetation and soil data lookups, and automatically generates regulatory reports, all while scientists are in the field.

Compared to traditional techniques, the Ecobot solution provides environmental services companies massive time savings and produces more accurate reporting. As we digitize this industry, we're building the first historical and predictive database of this environmental data ever assembled. Rich, highly-specific, scientifically crowdsourced data about our natural resources: elements that both impact and are impacted by climate change.

Professional Scientists

Ecobot provides a 40%+ efficiency increase for the environmental regulatory industry.

Environmental Data

We're assembling the most highly-specific vegetation and hydrological primary data resource ever built.

Government Regulation

Ecobot makes it possible to submit environmental data directly to regulatory agencies for swifter processing.

Concerned Individuals

The Ecobot framework will allow any person anywhere to contribute environmental observations.