Twice As Fast

Ecobot App
  • Works offline.
  • All USACE wetland regions.
  • Integrated lookup tools.
  • Instant auto-calculations.
  • Clone/create points on the fly.
  • Esri ArcGIS map integration.

Wetland App:
Save Time and Money

Ecobot is used to successfully submit thousands of wetland determination forms to the USACE each month. The Ecobot platform and wetland delineation app cuts total workload time in half while facilitating more accurate reporting, saving the AEC and Environmental consulting industry millions of dollars a year.


Estimated annual team
hours saved

Estimated annual team
labor savings

How much time and money will the Ecobot wetland delineation app's automations save your company?

See the Fastest Wetland App

The Ecobot wetland delineation app is the only natural resources consulting platform or software to bring true efficiency and accuracy to wetland scientists at AEC (architectural, engineering construction) and natural resources consulting firms, counties, state and federal DOT, the mitigation banking industry, and utility and oil and gas companies. Ecobot is available for the iPhone and iPad on the Apple App Store. Ecobot is an Esri Startup Partner.