Wetland Delineations,
Twice As Fast

Ecobot App
  • No internet required.
  • All USACE wetland regions.
  • Vegetation Lookup Tool with regionalized indicator status.
  • Automatic Vegetation
    worksheet calculations.
  • Instantly clone a sampling point.
  • Collaborate with peers.

Save Time and Money

As environmental consulting insiders who have struggled with your same pain point of tedious, error-prone paperwork, we understand the importance of measuring the ROI of your technology. See how much time Ecobot will save your company.


Estimated annual team
hours saved

Estimated annual team
labor savings

Teams using Ecobot report additional savings from avoiding rework and the reduction or elimination of typos and calculation errors.

There's a Better Way

Ecobot is the only software to bring true efficiency and accuracy to wetland scientists at environmental, natural resources management, conservation planning, engineering and planning firms serving state and federal DOT, construction, mitigation banking, and oil and gas companies.