About Ecobot

We build revolutionary software that changes how we interact with the environment.

The environmental regulatory industry is behind. It hasn't changed much since its pen- and paper inception in the 1970s. The founders of Ecobot bring expertise together from decades in environmental consulting and enterprise software development to create technology so profoundly intuitive and impactful that everyone who does environmental fieldwork - or leads a team of field scientists - will want to use it.

We don't simply check the box of digitizing the process and transfer your paper inefficiencies and frustrations to an equally inefficient digital tool. As members of this community, we collaborate with our customers to create true field and office efficiency, tucked into every aspect of your existing workflow.

Compared to both traditional techniques and all other digital offerings, Ecobot provides environmental services companies true time and cost savings.


Jeremy Schewe

Chief Scientific Officer

Professional ecologist, botanist, and environmental consultant with 15 years management experience in the Americas, South Pacific, Middle East, and Europe.

Lee Lance


Communications and operations professional, 20 years of experience driving tech dev and strategy; serving regional, national and international clients.

Emmet McGovern

VP, Engineering
Founding Engineer, Cloud

Application and system architect with a focus on scalability. Has built many large-scale business web applications for large enterprises and Silicon Valley startups.

Brian Dote

Lead iOS Engineer
Founding Engineer, Mobile

Experienced Silicon Valley engineer; multiple patent-holder. Leadership team member at Apple that developed core iOS patents. Experience as mobile tech lead on numerous tech startups.

Mike Connors

Director of Customer Success

Alana Cloud

Strategic Account Specialist

Leigh Rothermel

Business Development Team Lead

Amelia Napper

Product Manager

Wyatt Harrell

iOS Developer


Tim McLoughlin

Board Member
Partner, Cofounders Capital
Investor, Advisor

David Gardner

Managing Partner, Cofounders Capital
Fund Manager

Tobias Walter

Principal, Cofounders Capital

Investor, Advisor

Michael Shore

CEO, Tipping Point Renewable Strategies
Investor, Advisor

Sarah Battaglia

Founder/CEO AlphaSaid
Sales and Operations Advisor

Edward Carroll

Enterprise Sales Advisor

Chris Buehler

Technology and Operations Advisor


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The Ecobot wetland delineation app is the only natural resources consulting platform or software to bring true efficiency and accuracy to wetland scientists at AEC (architectural, engineering construction) and natural resources consulting firms, counties, state and federal DOT, the mitigation banking industry, and utility and oil and gas companies. Ecobot is available for the iPhone and iPad on the Apple App Store. Ecobot is an Esri Startup Partner.